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Quote “Never be afraid to face your fears, you may just surprise yourself!” Follow her journey with ProMuscle and visit us at our stand at Bodypower expo in may.


I first got in to weight training when I met my husband. He too is a bodybuilder so showed me the basics and I loved it, all be it very casually, training at home.
In 2010 after my children were older I decided to take up bodybuilding seriously. So I started going to a gym. It’s mainly male orientated but friendly, I’ve never felt out of place there. I train alone as my partner and I have different routines but we’re always on hand to give each other a spot if necessary.

In 2012 after I’d been training for nearly 2 years the gym owner at Bodymasters Gym Blackpool where I train suggested I do a show. After some thought because I’m very much a shy person when it comes to being in the spotlight I decided to take on the challenge and did my first competition! The UKBFF North West Women’s Bodybuilding, and so glad I did. I placed 1st in the first show I’d ever even been to! Seeing my children cheer me on and be proud of their mummy was wonderful!
Later that year I did the British Finals in Manchester and placed 6th in Britain. That was a great moment for me being onstage with ladies that I had previously watched on video!

Contest History:

UKBFF NW Qualifier 2012 WBB-1st
UKBFF British Finals 2012 WBB-6th

UKBFF NW Qualifier 2013 WPD- 1st
UKBFF British Finals 2013 WPD- 4th

UKBFF NW Qualifier 2014 WPD- 1st

Training split:

I train my Quads and Hamstrings on different days because they are a big body part that needs concentrating on separately. And I also keep my shoulder workout away from my chest workout to minimise them getting over worked and aid recovery time.

Monday- Quads & Glutes
Tuesday- Chest
Wednesday- Back
Thursday- Hamstrings & Calves
Friday- Shoulders & Traps
Saturday- Biceps & Triceps
Sunday- Cardio & Abs/Core

Training tips:

I’ve always trained using how I feel as a guide. I don’t go in to the gym with a set routine in place, I use instinct, it works for me. No two training sessions will be exactly the same because the exercises, weights and reps will be different each time. I think it’s a good way to prevent your body from adapting which means constant progress and you from becoming bored. If I find a body part has stalled I’ll switch my training split around to mix things up.
I’m so a stickler for correct form and technique on all exercises to directly hit the target muscle fully otherwise it would be a lot of wasted effort.
I never leave the gym until I’m satisfied I’ve done everything I can for that body part. Making sure I hit it from every angle and not stopping until I’m sure the muscle is completely exhausted. Which is why I love drop sets, I do them on every exercise and a high rep low weight exercise at the end that hits the whole muscle to finish it off.


Along side training your diet is very important. You can do all the training in the world with great form but if your diet isn’t on point all your gym efforts are going to waste. That’s where getting the right macros balance is key to utilising that energy output…

Complex Carbohydrates
Quality Proteins

All of these together play a big part in getting your body to work to it’s full capacity. A lot of people are scared of Carbs & Fats but without them you will not get the gains you want. You want your body to work for you, and that means giving it enough calories to raise your metabolism to gain muscle, burn body fat and also most importantly for healthy brain function.
I never allow myself to become overly hungry. I keep my meals constant and evenly spaced out over the day to avoid over eating. Preparation is vital!

You have to find what works for you which is trial and error.
Sometimes over time with some people your body can get used to certain diets and become unresponsive. If you think this is the case try something a bit different to keep your body constantly guessing just like your training.
Your prep diet is a very personalised thing, as what works for one person, doesn’t always work for another. Everyone is different.

Final Thought-

This lifestyle is a journey, it doesn’t just happen overnight. No one knows everything when they first start out so don’t feel you should know it all straight away, you learn as you go and find out how YOUR body responds. Remember to keep things simple, don’t allow it to become complicated. Consistency is key, to achieve anything you have to stick at it.
NEVER be afraid to do something or try something new. Don’t let fear, lack of confidence or shyness stand in your way. If you want it, get it! and enjoy it! :))