Full Prohormone Combo Stack – Epi, Trenavol, Megavol & PCT !!!

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Full Prohormone stack – Unbelievable Deal !!!


Prohormone Megavol Extreme will Rapidly Boosts Mass whilst added Hawthorne Berry, Milk Thistle & NAC help support your liver and cardiovascular system!

The Alphaform Labs EPI is a great pro-hormone for beginners, quick to get into the system, explosive gains with minimal side effects. Coupled with aromatize inhibition makes AlphaForm EPI not only a great pro-hormone but also one of the safest. Users of AlphaForm Labs EPI commonly report quick gains in lean muscle mass and vascularity. It is versatile as it can be used as part of a bulking or cutting cycle, depending on diet, although most people tend to use this as a cutting cycle.

No other cutting pro-hormone comes close to Trenavol Max, 2 molecules away from Trenbolone, the results will speak for themselves.

Also comes with:

A powerful PCT to be taken after your course.

Alpha form labs –  ATD or 6 Bromo PCT

ATD is a powerful inhibitor of the aromatase enzyme, and as such it reduces the production of estrogen in the body. In males, this results in a concomitant increase in testosterone production.

ATD can be used two ways. It can be used by itself to raise endogenous levels of testosterone production (most useful after discontinuation of suppressive hormonal products) and it can be used simultaneously with aromatizing steroids to minimize estrogenic side effects.


  • Potent hormonal modulator
  • Ideal for PCT or as a standalone test booster
  • Increases strength and muscle gains
  • Noticeably lowers fat loss

You will get one of each item above.

Possible Stacks

Intermediate Stack

Week 1-4 Megavol Extreme (2-3 Caps per Day)

Week 5-9 Trenavol Max  ( Use OCS On Cycle Support) ( 2-3 Caps per Day)

Week 10-14 EPI (2-3 Caps per Day)

Finish The course with ATD post cycle theraphy ( 2 Caps split throughout the day)

Super Gainer

Week 1-4 – Megavol Extreme and Trenavol Max (2-3 caps per day of each) start on 2 and build up.

Week 5-9 – Epi (3 Caps per day)

Finish The course with ATD post cycle theraphy ( 2 Caps split throughout the day)