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10 Week Weight Loss Programme – Blog One

The 10 Weeks Weight Loss Plan – Blog 1 – Day 1…  

Hi guys,

Kirk Elliott, MD of ProMuscle Products here taking you through my journey getting back into shape. I recently had a blood clot (superficial vein) due to a poor canula insertion in my right forearm leading to a clot and infection back in April. In August I woke up with another clot and infection setting me back a long way in the gym and a constant date with the television!

Ok so I got the all clear last week to resume light training. This Blog is me starting from scratch and will include my exact diet, training structure, supplement and nutrient structure  and any tips I can think of along the way. I will start a video Blog soon to make life easier. Anyone can follow this girls or guys just small adaptions need to be changed depending on weight and physical daily output. I am currently 256 lbs (18st 4) and have trained infrequently this year due to work and my health problems.

Week 1 Goal – To ease back into the gym, Up water intake and get the heart rate up.

We firstly need to find are  our max heart rate zone which is (220 minus your age). So mine would be 220-31 = 189 Beats Per Min. Now we have found this the optimum fat burning heart rate is betweeen 50-60% of max heart rate. So when we our doing our cardio we need to make sure we are in this target heart zone to get optimum results.

I would be looking to keep my heart rate around 110-115 Bpm..

Supplements – Cholorella, Spirulina, CoQ10, Vit B Complex, Magnesium, Vit D, Unique Garlic, Tumeric, Multi Vitamin, Whey Protein. I find all of the products serve there perphas well and would recommend them to anyone looking to get healthy like me!

Meal Plan  – I have found that eating small but often every 3 hours suits me.

I have just ordered from which I highly recommend to anyone who sturggles getting to the supermarket or does not know what to buy.

Carbs are important! they are not the enemy.. Carbs are our petrol, no petrol no workout, no good moods. I find that dropping the carbs below 100g in my dieting days as a bodybuilder effected my brain function as the brain too needs energy to work properly.

Carb Cycling – So we need carbs but how many a day i get asked and what types of carbs shall I eat?

Variety and staggering their use on a daily basis is what I will be doing to keep my body guessing what’s happening and keep the metabolic Rate elevated.

I do a High day of carbs(350g) then Medium(250g)  and then a low(150-100g). To start with i am using starchy Carbs – Ezekiel Oats / Sweet potato / White and Brown Rice and Ezekiel Bread.

Girls – I would start at a 200g/ 150g/ 100g cycle this depends on you as a person weight/ height/ fitness level. Struggling on what to intake drop me a message.

TIP – Later In my diet I may take out the starchy carbs and use dark Leaf Vegetables as my carbohydrate source to get really ripped!!

Proteins – Help to repair and regenerate cells/ skin and tissue and are important to make sure we get the best recovery from our workout. Chicken, Turkey, Lean Mince 5%, and Tilapia Fish are my chosen sources. I have chosen these as they are lean and each provide good amounts of protein.

1.5g of Protein per bodypound = so mine is 256lbs x 1.5 = 384g of protein a day!

Greens Vegetables  -Green Kale, Green Beans, Cauliflower, Broccoli ( with Most meals)

Ok I am the first to admit I don’t like them but they are necessary! You can get the PHD Greens if you really carnt stomach them but they have so many beneficial health points that with my current problems I will just nail them down!!

Fats – Udos Oil, Avocados, Almonds with each meal apart from breakfast and last meal.

We need our good fats to maintain our internal organs functions and help fight our own fat. I  will be taking in around 60-70g or fats per day consistently throughout this plan.

The Eating and Training Plan for Week 1 – TIP-  Buy Tupperware containers!!! 

****This Week all I will do is train on empty Stomach – 40/45mins Cardio. Treadmill **

Breakfast  – Ezekiel  Oats / Bread / Protein shake – Actimel ( no fats needed as slows down the protein absorption in digestion)

Meal 2 – Chicken (200g)/ Rice/ Green / Udo’s Oil ( Protein shake + rice cake if at work)

Meal 3– Turkey(200g)/ Sweet Potato / almonds

Meal 4 – Tilapia Fish (200g) / Greens/ Brown Rice/ actimel. ( Protein shake + rice cake if at work)

Meal 5 – Tilapia Fish (200g) / Almonds greens

Meal 6– Caesin/ Cottage cheese small Pot ( Slow release protein whilst you sleep)

Meals can be consumed in any order and changed on a daily basis like on leg days I might add some lean beef. If you are at work and cannot eat replace the Meal 2 and 4 with protein shakes and rice cakes.

Thats it. Any questions or help needed drop an email to or send me a message on Facebook.